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HVAC Grill Buddy - Frames - HGB1 - Online FedEx Delivery

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10x Frames /w Rubbers & Clips

The HVAC Grill Buddy is designed to hold your filter media or our Air Filtration Plate (when properly fitted) to help ensure no dust contaminants are let into the ductwork through the ACT Grills during construction. 

  • 100% Re-Usable
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Recyclable Plastic
  • Easy to use on all 24"x24" Acoustical ceilings.
  • Using a properly fitted and installed filter will protect against dust contaminants in the ductwork and adjacent rooms (Filters supplied by end user)
  • HVAC Grill Buddy will reduce the need to have personnel to constantly monitor the filters to make sure they havent fallen down.
  • Helps implement top notch infection control policies and procedures.

* Please note due to the nature of the product, all sales are FINAL *